Virtual Tax Preparation Services

Completely virtual tax preparation services to help keep you safe and comfortable in your own home.

a covid-friendly way to get your taxes done

step 1: schedule virtual meeting

Get started by scheduling a zoom meeting with us here. This is how we will make sure that we are both real people and that we want to work together. We’ll ask questions to better understand your tax situation and figure out the best way to help you.

step 2: document exchange

Once we decide to work together, we’ll send you a link to our secure client portal. You’ll be able to upload all of your tax documents electronically and submit them to us.

step 3: tax preparation

We’ll review the documents that you submit and begin preparing your taxes. If any questions come up, we will call or email you as soon as possible to get the information we need. Once we have all of the information, we’ll finish preparing the tax return.

step 4: virtual review meeting

Once we have everything finished up, we’ll schedule a review meeting or phone call to go over the results with you. We will answer any questions you may have and make sure everyone is on the same page before submitting the tax return.

step 5: e-sign and submit

You’ll have the option to sign your tax forms electronically through my secure portal. Once you’ve signed these, we’ll have authorization to file your tax return electronically. And that’s it!

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