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Everyone has heard of Quickbooks Online, but there are many business owners that are not getting the most out of their software. Without a proper understanding of how to navigate, set up, and operate the software, your business may be wasting time and money. Quickbooks Online has some of the most robust technology in the accounting industry, and using it properly can open the doors to financial success for you and your business.

Key Features



Quickbooks Online uses bank and credit card feed technology to help business owners categorize their transactions. Quickbooks will import your bank and credit card transactions every day, leaving them in a queue for you to categorize. Let us help you set up transaction rules and develop best practices to help you automate as much of your bookkeeping as possible.

sales taxes


Tracking, filing, and paying sales taxes is a huge burden for most small business owners. Quickbooks simplifies this process and condenses the information at the end of each month, allowing you to view what you need to get your sales taxes taken care of. Start by setting up your business locations to ensure you are collecting taxes at the correct rates. Then, send invoices to customers through Quickbooks and have the software automatically calculate and collect sales tax from your customers. Involving an expert during these steps is critical. Make sure you are collecting sales taxes everywhere you have nexus. Our team of experts can guide you through this process.

manage & pay bills

Quickbooks Online can make paying bills a breeze. As your bills come in, you can enter all of the details in Quickbooks. This includes the bill date, due date, category, additional notes, and you can even attach a copy of the bill in Quickbooks, saving your business valuable data storage. Once you’ve entered your bills, you can open a queue of all unpaid bills sorted by due date. Simply select the ones you want to pay and then pay all bills with a click of a button. You can either print the bill payments directly onto your company checks, or you can use the online bill pay feature of Quickbooks Online powered by Melio. If you schedule your payments online, your vendors will be notified via email and have the opportunity to enter their ACH information into a secure portal. If they do so, Quickbooks will automatically process an ACH transfer from your bank account to the vendor’s bank account, saving everyone time and money. If your vendor chooses not to enter bank account information, Quickbooks will print and mail a check to the vendor on your behalf.


Get the most out of your financial data by using reports in Quickbooks. You can evaluate your company’s financial performance by using profit and loss statements, balance sheets, statements of cash flows, and other customized reports. You can also use the performance center in Quickbooks Online to see your financial performance in colorful illustrations such as pie charts, bar charts, and line graphs. We can help you put together a monthly management report that is great for presenting to your shareholders or board of directors.

creating invoices

 Using Quickbooks Online, your company can create a custom invoice template with your logo and company information. We can help you set up your products and services that appear directly on sales forms, set up your customer information, and create a template that your customers will love. After getting these items set up, you will be able to send invoices to customers directly from Quickbooks Online via email. If you sign up for Quickbooks Payments, your customers will be able to pay the invoices that you send them directly from the email, helping you keep your receivables balance under control.

bank reconciliations

A bank reconciliation is a cross-check function used to ensure the bookkeeping information entered in your software actually matches the transactions that your bank shows on its statements each month. Using information from bank feed data, Quickbooks Online practically automates the bank reconciliation process. Reconciling your bank account is a critical function of your business, and can help you identify any mistakes in data entry. Quickbooks makes this process incredibly fast and easy, allowing you to focus on more important functions of your business.

expense tracking

Stop using spreadsheets to track all of your business expenses. Instead, use Quickbooks Online to categorize and track all of your expenses. Using the bank and credit card feed features in Quickbooks can help ensure that you haven’t missed any expenses or potential tax deductions. Tracking expenses manually can be time consuming and inaccurate. Many of these expenses can be categorized automatically using rules in Quickbooks. For example, you can create a rule to categorize all Amazon transactions to office expenses. We can help you create rules to get your expenses categorized on time and accurately.

receipt scanning

Are you tired of keeping a shoebox full of receipts? Quickbooks Online has a solution for you. Using Quickbooks’ receipt scanning feature through the Quickbooks App, you can snap pictures of receipts directly from your mobile device. Using advanced OCR recognition, Quickbooks will pull information from this receipt and attempt to match it to a transaction from your bank feed. Once matched, the receipt is stored within the Quickbooks transaction, allowing you to dispose of your receipt and keep your files clean and organized. Quickbooks also has a receipt forwarding feature. This feature allows you to set up a unique forwarding email address, such as mycompany@qbodocs.com. When you receive an emailed receipt or invoice from your vendor, you can simply forward the email, with attachments, to the unique email address created. Quickbooks will pull data from the email text or the attached PDF to make sure it attaches it to the correct transaction. This can help you automate your filing processes and save loads of time.

estimates & quotes

Do your customers want to see an estimate or quote before agreeing to a job? Quickbooks has a solution for you. You can create presentable estimates in Quickbooks Online and send them to your potential customers directly through the software. The customer can review and accept the estimate directly from the email. After acceptance, you can convert the estimate into an invoice in the software, preventing any duplicate data entry.

progress invoicing

You can use Quickbooks Online to invoice larger jobs multiple times as you continue completing the work. To do this, you must first create an estimate for the customer. Once that’s accepted, you can create invoices directly from this estimate based on a percentage of each line item on the estimate. You can also customize the amount of each line you’d like to invoice the customer. This can help you improve your cash-flow by accepting payment on the job as you are working through it. Once 100% of the estimate has been invoiced, the estimate will automatically show as closed, preventing you from invoicing the same work twice.

Benefits of Using QuickBooks Online

Using web-based software prevents you from having to update the software, purchase new versions every year, or worry about storing the data yourself.  Cloud storage allows you to access your data wherever you have internet access and can prevent significant data loss associated with traditional software programs.

Quickbooks allows for multiple users, including accountant users. This means that all users can access the same data in the cloud without having to send files back and forth. It also means that your accountant or external bookkeeper can keep an eye on your books and help identify any issues before it’s too late. You can also set up users with different permissions, giving each one access to different parts of your data.

As technology has improved, more and more bookkeeping processes have become automated. Quickbooks has the best technology stack of any accounting software in the market right now, allowing you to automate many of your daily processes so you can focus on more important tasks.

As you get set up with Quickbooks Online, you’ll realize that many of the other apps you use for your daily tasks actually integrate with Quickbooks Online. Connect your apps to Quickbooks and import data directly into your accounting software. This helps prevent any unnecessary duplicate data entry and will help prevent manually entry errors.

Most Common QuickBooks Online Mistakes

Many business owners think they want a separate account for every single transaction type. Adding too many accounts can make your financial statements messy and difficult to interpret.

Payroll errors can cost business owners big money and a lot of time. If your Quickbooks Online payroll account is set up incorrectly using incorrect tax rates or business information, you may receive letters from federal and state agencies. These can be scary to open, and many business owners do not understand how to resolve the errors.

Many business owners do not realize that most of their transactions have already been added through their bank feeds. When they receive a receipt or invoice, they may enter the transaction again. This will throw off your financial data and can cost you a lot of time to go back and fix. This is why understanding the importance of bank reconciliations is critical.

Class tracking and transaction tags are a fantastic way to track other features of your business that aren’t necessarily reflected in your transactions. For example, construction companies may want to track their total income and expenses by residential or commercial jobs. This can be accomplished through class tracking or transaction tags. However, too many business owners do not understand how to set this up, and instead set up classes and tags that are meaningless.


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If you feel like you are drawing in your Quickbooks file right now, you are not alone. At Casey Moss Tax, we deal with Quickbooks clean-ups and file setup issues constantly. Fixing these things before too much time has passed is critical to getting back on track and using your software to the best of its capabilities. Before we start working with a client, our first step is to comb through your Quickbooks setup and make recommendations for you. Once we get that on track, we can clean up your historical data and provide a clear path forward for your business.


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