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Don’t worry! Custom pricing is available for all individuals. Contact me with more information about your situation and I’ll get you a fast, custom price quote.

Yes! While many accounting firms like to charge extra for each additional form, I try to offer affordable pricing for clients who own houses and itemize their deductions.

It sure does. The prices listed above include preparation of your Illinois 1040 as well as your federal 1040. Additional charges may apply for any other state filings required.

Don’t worry! Contact me for a custom price. Since I am an Illinois-based tax and accounting firm, I am able to process Illinois returns more efficiently than those of other states. However, I am still happy to service clients from other states.

There are no additional charges for being married as long as you file jointly. The bullet points listed above are for your tax return as a whole. As long as your combined tax items fit into one of these categories, you will qualify for that price.

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