Individual Tax Planning

Stay in the know. Plan ahead for next year and years to come.

large tax events

Whether it’s the sale of a rental property, settlement income, or the liquidation of an inheritance, it is crucial to plan for any possible tax implications. We offer consultations and tax projections for these types of events to make sure you know what’s coming at year-end.

quarterly estimated payment calculations

If you are self-employed or have large amounts of income from sources other than W-2 wages, you may be required to pay in quarterly estimated tax payments. We can calculate these for you and give you vouchers to pay each quarter. This will help you avoid any unnecessary tax penalties.

business sales

If you are selling an S-Corporation or an LLC, the tax consequences can be extremely complicated and difficult to piece together. We offer business sale consultations that can help you structure your sale contract in a way that could optimize the after-tax outcome.

withholding guidance

Many of our clients will come to us and ask what they should withhold on their employment tax forms. We can help you determine how to fill out the forms so that you get the results you want when filing your income taxes.

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