Secure Document Exchange

Using technology to make getting your taxes done a breeze.

upload your documents

Our secure client portal allows you to upload your tax documents electronically. You’ll receive an email with a link to the portal. Then, simply upload your documents by taking pictures of them. Answer a few basic questions and send it off to us for review.

electronic signatures

Once the return is finished, we’ll send you a secure document that will allow you to electronically sign your e-file forms. If there are signatures needed from multiple individuals, each person will receive a separate email allowing them to sign. Once signed, the document will be sent back to us for review.

electronic tax return exchange

Once the return is finished, you will receive an electronic copy that is accessible on your client portal. This allows you to review the return and send a copy to anyone who needs it, such as a banker for mortgage purposes.

year-round access

You’ll have year-round access to your client portal. This will allow you to access any tax documents that you’ve uploaded, as well as any tax returns that we’ve prepared for you.

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