Tax Consulting Services

Get professional advice on all of your income tax issues.

irs letter help

Getting a letter from the IRS can be stressful. We offer consulting services for clients that receive letters and need to know the next best steps. Whether it’s a letter, a phone call, or a tax amendment, we can work with the IRS to help resolve your tax issues.

tax return review

If you filed a tax return and want to make sure the filing is accurate, contact me for a tax return review. We will look through your documents and the return that was filed to check for accuracy and discrepancies. A second opinion can help you feel more comfortable with your filing or help you identify anything that needs to be corrected.

financial consulting

If you are struggling with difficult financial decisions or life altering events, we offer financial consultations that can help you navigate the road ahead. Whether it’s student loan debt, savings advice, or job cost analysis, we can help you determine the best way forward.

tax resolution

If you have unfiled tax returns and need help getting caught up, contact us. Unfiled tax returns are a source of unneeded stress in your life. We can help you map out a path forward so that you can stop carrying the burden of constant IRS letters and threats of collection. Get your returns filed quickly and accurately today.

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